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Chapa grabada a mano de Odín - Se puede hacer otros grabados

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Hand-engraved plate . Engravings in ancient futhark of Odin's name, his face, and the ansuz rune, Odin's rune .

Odin, Wednesday or Woden as the Germans called him, began his existence as a minor deity of the storms of the night that raced furiously across the sky with a troop of mysterious horsemen, the ghosts of dead warriors. Wode means fury, liberation from the blind forces of nature. It was said that on stormy nights the thunder from his mount's hooves could be heard rumbling above the clouds.

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  • This pendant is made to order. It may take 2 more days for its shipment to be prepared and its appearance may vary as it is a custom product.
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Carved craft product, handmade.
  • All products are sent in a cloth or suede bag and a gift detail.
  • Diameter:4.3 cm high x 2.4cm wide and 2mm thick
  • Materials:100% Hypoallergenic premium stainless steel free of nickel and lead. 70cm stainless steel chain.